Company Overview

CEMantica is an international consulting company specialized in the Customer Experience Management domain. The company has developed a customer journey mapping tool, which is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE modules, as well as a CEM implementation methodology.

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Who We Are

CEMantica is an international consulting company that provides software as well as methodologies in the customer experience domain. We work with leading service provides around the world to consult, deliver and maintain customer experience plans.

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What We Do

CEMantica developed a Customer Journey Mapping Tool and a methodology to assist companies in structuring their customer interactions. We are constantly evolving the software based of customer feedbacks and market trends.

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How We Differentiate

The main differentiation area of CEMantica is the connection between the customer journey mapping world and the operational systems that store the data, mainly managed by CRM systems. This integrated model assures that the customer journeys maps will keep evolving dynamically over time.