A powerful Customer Journey Management Platform

Created by a business oriented CCXP team, Cemantica has designed its B2B and B2C platform to build your Customer Journey, manage your CX program and integrate your VoC data for in-depth analysis. Our business agility approach empowers us to adapt our offerings to your organization’s needs and at your own pace.


Customer Journey Mapping Tool

Create your tailored customer journey maps and share them across your organization! Click and export your maps as a PDF, Excel or image file.

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Personas are fictional characters that represent different customer segments within a targeted demographic, attitude or behavior set depicting specific customer profiles

Ready, set, go!

Start by defining all the stages of your customer journey. Associate an image and a description in an easy-to-use format.

Interactions in action!

Stages are all set up? Now start listing your customer interaction touchpoints, pros, cons and insights.

How do your customers feel?

Visualize and compare your personas’ sentiment level vs the real customer sentiment on a visual map

What is happening backstage?

Get a clear picture of the systems and departments involved in each stage - identify the potential internal issues within your organization.


CX Management Program

Cemantica’s CX platform is a holistic end-to-end management tool ensuring a comprehensive CX approach from CX assessment to the action plan. Our Journey Mapping Tool is an integral part of the CX Program Management process.

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Are you CX ready?

Determine your CX maturity. Benchmark your company Take our free online CX Quiz and get your CX index

Setting your company’s course!

Build your CX strategy, define your brand promise, your brand values and set your objectives with a clear timeline and action owners.

Time to work on your Map!

Define your personas, build your journey maps and flag your customers’ pain points and opportunities.

Which solutions should you implement?

It is time to start ideating! Rank your solutions by using a 7 criteria cost/benefit analysis and resource planning metrics.

Deploy your action plan

Rollout the solutions to be implemented as per the action plan – milestones, action owners, task assignment & follow-up at each stage of the journey.


VoC Data Integration

Real-time integration of VoC data that automatically feeds into the Cemantica Platform. Whether it is NPS feedback, satisfaction surveys, case studies, customer interaction data stored in your CRM etc., we possess the integration capability to incorporate all the data sets into the system.

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How do we integrate VoC data?

All VoC datasets can be integrated using Excel, CSV or Web services through our API – Use our AI mechanism to setup the analysis and connection of your VoC data into your customer journey maps.

Turning “static data” into actionable insights

Compare and cross-reference your personas’ sentiment level in your journey map with the real sentiment level of your customers

Your data fully connected!

All the captured VoC data is integrated into the Customer Journey mapping tool and analyzed in real-time. Easy to manage your CX program process with on-going information updates

Deep analysis of your customer satisfaction

Visualize and compare your personas with real customer feedback and satisfaction at every touchpoint, stage and across all journeys.

3 steps, one platform!
Create Journey Maps

Create current and future state maps

  • Define your personas
  • Gather customer interactions & insights
  • Visualize your sentiment analysis
  • Map your internal systems and departments
Manage CX Program

Deploy your CX strategy and build an actiom plan

  • Run a CX assessment
  • Build your CX plan
  • Prioritize your CX projects
  • Send tasks to designate action owners
  • Follow-up on your Cx action items
Connect VoC Data

Get real-time integration of VoC data

  • Integrate data manually or thought web services
  • Conpare personas and customers sentiment level
  • Manage CX program with on-going updates
  • Get powerful analytics
What are the main benefits?
  • Flag your customers’ pains points and opportunities
  • From the Customer Journey Map to the action plan, you can manage your CX program on one single platform
  • Enrich your Cemantica Platform with your VoC data in real-time and have a clear picture of your customer satisfaction.
  • Compare and cross-reference your personas’ sentiment level with the real sentiment level of your customers.
  • Make informed decisions thanks to a scoring system that prioritizes action items
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