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>Can I change my billing plan?
You may decide at anytime to upgrade or downgrade your subscription according to your needs.
>Can I mix users from different subscription plans?
It is not possible to purchase 2 different subscription plans for the same customer account.
>How do I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription please email our support center at: support@Cemantica.com and we will process your request as soon as possible. Monthly subscription payments will be stopped on the anniversary date of the following month and annual subscription payments will be stopped on the anniversary date of the following year. You will be able to continue and use the tool until the subscription expires.
>How do I become a partner of Cemantica?
To apply for partnership please email us at: info@Cemantica.com and we will reach out shortly.
>How do I pay if I don’t have a PayPal account?
Through PayPal you have an option to pay with your credit card. Please create a PayPal account to view the option.
>We require CX Consulting but our country doesn’t appear on your website.
Please reach out to us at support@Cemantica.com and we will contact you to discuss options.
>How does project integration work? Do you have platform support for project management or project integration?
We are providing integration services to assist customers connect their legacy systems to Cemantica. This needs to be assessed and quoted separately.
>How you have any encryption mechanism?
The CJM Tool Web application is based on the MS Power Apps engine with a MS Common Data Service database as the data layer. The system performs a real-time encryption of the data when written to the DB (using the MS SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption technology – TDE). Further details on the Microsoft Power Platform compliance are provided on the following link.
>What CRM solutions are working with the tool?
Cemantica can be integrated with any modern CRM system through an API that allow to fetch read and write information from the tool. Cemantica also has a native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Power Apps that can be download from Microsoft AppSource
>Can we export customizable Journey maps?
Of course! You can export in PDF, Image and Excel formats and enjoy a white label design of all your exports.
>Can I move my maps from one subscription to another?
This is possible only between 2 Standard subscriptions. If you would like to move your journey map to another Cemantica instance please contact us at support@Cemantica.com and we will perform the operation for you.
>I deleted my Journey Map, am I able to reinstate it?
Please email support@Cemantica.com as soon as you’ve deleted your map and our support team will reinstate it for you.