Can I change my billing plan?
You may decide at anytime to upgrade or downgrade your subscription according to your needs.
Can I mix users from different subscription plans?
It is not possible to purchase 2 different subscription plans for the same customer account.
Are there any additional charges?
The fee displayed has no hidden costs, see the pricing details to understand what is included. You will need to buy separately Dynamics 365 licenses in order to use CEMantica.
What CRM solutions are working with the tool?
CEMantica integrates natively with Microsoft Dynamics 365, giving you access to the tool from the CRM also. The tool can be integrated with other CRM solutions through an API that allows to fetch information from the tool.
Does the Enterprise license include a Dynamics 365 License?
The Enterprise license includes only the access to the tool and the connector to your CRM environment. The Dynamics 365 license must be purchased separately through the Microsoft portal at an extra fee.
Can we export customizable Journey maps?
Of course! You can export in PDF and Image formats. With the Advanced & Enterprise subscription plans you may also enjoy a white label design of all your exports.
Are there any consulting services available with the Advanced or Enterprise package?
We can provide consulting services tailored to your needs. These services are not included in the Advanced or Enterprise pricing plans. We work with trained CX consulting experts in various countries in order to provide the best service, contact us here to receive a quote.
How do I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription please email our support center at: and we will process your request as soon as possible.
Is the solution compatible also with Dynamics on-premise deployments?
The tool supports Dynamics Customer Engagement on-premise installations under the condition that the customer is using the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics (V9 or later) and that the IFD mode (Internet- facing deployment) is fully* configured.

* firewall prevents the Dynamics Customer Engagement Web Services from being accessed by an external Web server (the tool itself) hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.