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Check out this space for educative content through recurring lessons around Customer Journey Management and practical courses with our Bootcamp led by industry experts and our own CCXP consultants.
Masterclass led by
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Ian Golding
This hands-on Masterclass is essential for CX Professionals as part of your training and development, to enhance your competencies.
Jan 30th & Jan 31th
Journey Mapping
Course led by CCXP consultants and host
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Ian Golding
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Diane Magers
Practical hands-on Journey Mapping bootcamp with take-aways you can implement right away in your organization
Online hands-on learning sessions to better manage your CX initiatives
Learn how to gain insights across multiple CX topics from Journey Mapping, Personas, Service Blueprint, Solutions Prioritization, VoC connection & more
30 Mins
The Journey Mapping Bootcamp
with Cemantica & host
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Ian Golding
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Diane Magers
Sessions for the
US & EU time zones
Through this bootcamp , we will bring our consulting expertise to help you detect, analyze and shape CX within your organization, supported by a tool to concretely implement those insights and see immediate results.
As a Customer Journey Management Platform, Cemantica offers a unique approach to Customer Experience with both a consulting touch and a technology to support it.
Digital Journey Map
3months free access to the
Journey Mapping Tool
Follow upConsulting Session
What will you achieve in this Bootcamp?
01Cultural Shift
Our bootcamp isn’t only about building maps, but also understanding your customers and their journeys is central to CX design and the impact it has internally on the employees – you’re cutting right through silos, detecting real issues and bringing value both to your customers but to your organization as well. You can’t change the experience if you don’t look at who delivers it and how.
02Get Alignment
You’re convinced? Great. How about your boss, your peers, your team? We provide you with the right methodology and framework for departments and specific roles to evaluate, plan and measure the success of CX initiatives
03Hands-On Journey Mapping
We will conduct together with every single organization a hands-on and practical case study around your industry and business challenges to provide actionable insights.
04Managing Outcome & Execution
We hold your hand even after the journey mapping session through the outcomes and provide you with the framework to successfully manage, prioritize and execute an action plan to concretely drive value for your customers and your organization.
Who is this Journey Mapping Bootcamp for?
For Teams
Join us on our Bootcamp with your cross-functional team (up to 5 per organization) or request an in-house bootcamp dedicated to your company
For Individuals
If you are a CX practitioner, own a CX role within your organization and looking to grow your knowledge and kickstart your initiatives this bootcamp is for you.
Bootcamp Syllabus
Customer Experience Approach & Concepts
Evolution of CX
CX Framework
Customer Journey Management
Journey Mapping
The Importance of Customer Journeys
The Personas
Mapping Exercise
Learn the Journey Framework:
Hands-on with a Journey Mapping Tool
Moments of Truth
Manage Outcomes of Journey Mapping Methodology
Solution Ideation Exercise:
Root Cause Analysis
Solution Brainstorming
Project Prioritization Methodology
Introduction to CX prioritization & Execution
The Cemantica Lessons
Grow your knowledge and expertise with Cemantica free online lessons.
Through these short lessons you will gain insights across multiple CX topics from Journey mapping, Journey Management, Personas, Service Blueprint, Solutions Prioritization & more
Check out this space for the full schedule and topic of the next lessons!
Jan 12th
Journey Mapping Fundamentals Learn about the role of Journey Mapping in the CX Sphere, the step-by-step approach and all the essentials you need to know to start mapping with hands-on examples. Online 30 min
Jan 17th
Service Blueprint
Learn how to align your organization to the customer journey by mapping the elements below the visibility line: operational processes that support your CX initiatives. Online 30 min
Coming in 2023
Manage your Journey Mapping outcome Fundamental approach in understanding what are the next steps following Journey Mapping.
Journey Management strategy Which journeys to map? How to define your journey hierarchy and update?
VOX! Understanding the different voice streams: VoE, VoC, VoP, VoI get inspired how to turn VOX into Insightes program
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