Map your customer journey and get on top of your CX program
Capture how your customers actually experience your brand versus how you think they do
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What We Do?
We built a strong customer experience platform with the capacity to build customer journey maps, persona’s, manage CX programs and integrate VoC data directly into the system.
Your CX program in motion - we walk you through your journey maps,  CX program and action plans
Your CX strategy at your fingertips - we provide a Cemantica platform to build your journey maps and manage your CX program
Your CX strategy comes to life – making it happen!
Build your customer journey map, drive your CX program, connect your VoC data on one single platform! This is real, this is powerful, this is Cemantica.
Create yourpersonas in our user-friendly Cemantica customer journey map
Anticipate the behavior of your customers highlight their pains and identify areas of opportunities
Build and navigate your CX program on the platform, set up a plan, timeline and prioritize action items
Integrate your VoC data to the platform and segment your customers per persona
Who are our strategic partners?
We have lined up, together with our partners, a great and complete Cemantica Value Proposition Check it out!
Cemantica: a Certified Customer Journey Platform
Cemantica is a certified Customer Centricity Tool, recognized by experts, professionals and educators!
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