You need to capture how your customers actually experience your brand
versus how you think they do?
our partners
CEMantica is a proud member of the CXPA Community, with accredited CCXP experts in its team.
Natively integrated with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, CEMantica provides a unique added-value and differentiation point to its customers.
With their global presence in the EMEA region, Prodware is our CX Consulting partner for on-site services.

better insights drive better experiences

Powerful Customer Journey Mapping Tool

Understand the customer experience and assess the customer’s flow of satisfaction and engagement at every touchpoint. Define personas to understand the needs and expectations of your customers through customizable templates.
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Customizable Journey Maps
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Unlimited Touchpoints
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Export White Label Journey Maps
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Customizable Persona Builder

Dynamics 365 Integration

Through the CRM link personas to real customer profiles and generate targeted campaigns to turn data into real-time actions. Easily analyze and compare customer and persona emotion through the different touch points and share insights simultaneously
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Insights turned into Actions
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Merge persona profiles to Contacts
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Sentiment Analysis
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Marketing Campaigns

POWER BI Analytics

CEMantica brings all your operational and experiential data onto one single interface, so you can easily act, collaborate and analyze your data. With this easy-to-use and flexible dashboard. you can locate discrepancies and areas of improvement per stages or per touchpoints. You can now feel safe to take backed-up, informed decisions - today.
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Customizable Dashboards
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Downloadable Reports
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Informed decision
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Real-time data analysis